About John

Artist’s Statement

The movement of light and colour across landscape and interiors is a constant source of inspiration to me. Composition, form and texture play an important in the construction of his paintings. I feel that creating the illusion of three-dimensional space on two-dimensional surfaces produces the kind of visual magic that enables the spectator to experience a new way of seeing.

Method of Working

Most of my paintings are taken from life. I use drawing as an act of discovery, allowing me to explore the visual world. Drawing is the starting point for most of my ideas. The landscapes of Norfolk, Suffolk and Northumberland are a constant source of inspiration to me. Wide expanses and the intense light found along these coastlines evoke emotions that inhabit my paintings. I am transported into a world of light and colour which is often intense, full of mystery and peaceful isolation. My still life paintings draw upon memories that are historical, social, and of childhood days distilled together in the final image.

I am fascinated by the way objects interact presenting a past, present and future. Their incongruous juxtaposition adds a visual tension to the overall image. I employ acrylics, Liquitex, canvas, board, paper, card, brush, palette knife, drawing media of all kinds, photography and colourful gesso grounds. I sometimes uses photography for information and investigation. I tend to plan paintings using sketched studies done on the spot, but also works directly from nature. My still life paintings and interiors are painted in my studio.

Biographical Details

1952-54 Doncaster College of Art

1954-57 Edinburgh College of Art

1984 Elected member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters

1986 Elected member of the Royal Society of British Artists

1989 Elected member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts